Koble 1.3

Responsive Email Template

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

This email template has include 78 html file divided into 5 folder.

49 Regular html  - (None MailChimp or Campaign Monitor TAG) 8 html file for each folder. (index.html include all layout module, you can rearrange as you want code are commented)

7 file for MailChimp - include MailChimp tag: mc:edit, mc:repeatable, mc:hideable, mc:mc:variant. with allow you to edit, repeat, also hide module arrange layout as you want.

7 file for Campaign Monitor.  - include Campaign Monitor tag : <singleline>, <multiline>, <editable>, <repeater>, <layout>. so you can edit and rearrage the layout easily.

MyMail - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress - 13 html file (both index.html, and notification.html)include MyMail plugin tags you can editable, repeatable, changing background pattern and a lot more please follow link to see all plugin feature.

6 psd file -   all file are well organize with group layer and color label and layer name. 6 template design

1 icons folder   include 100 icons for 3/3 feature icon module folder by color, in 600 total icons.

2 StampReady folder   include 1 compatible html file ready to use for StampReady.

Image size in other template may differnce. Careful when switch template.

How to import template to Campaign Monitor

  1. For Campaign Monitor user. After login to your account please select a "Templates"(1)
  2. CM will provide you 3 choice select "Import"(2)

  3. Name your new template here.

  4. Browse to template html file in CampaignMonitor folder.(5)
  5. Browse to a img.zip file that you make from the same color scheme folder. (make sure it's a zip or rar)
  6. Click Add template and done!

How to import template to MailChimp

Don't forget to zipped the file that contain 1 html and image folder. (from MailChimp folder)
  1. After you log-in to you MailChimp account, click at "Templates" tab at the side bar(1)
  2. Then click at "Create Templates" button on the top right.(2)

  3. At the "Code Your Own" Select " Import Zip " button. (3)

  4. Name's your template (4)
  5. Browse to your zip file that included 1 index.html, 1 img folder. (5)
  6. then "Upload" (6)

  7. Check the template display properly, or do a custom edit if you want, and click "Save and Exit" (7)

  8. You can use template by going to Templates menu > selcect "Send Campaign" from drop down menu at your prefer template, following the step through the design step that you can edit your own content, images, repeatable modules :)


*if you want to modify for future use. just click edit button at the template. so you can edit code and some design. However, I suggest to edit in html text editor such as Dreamweaver for more text editor functions (find and replace all, etc.) and then save, make a zip file , and import as a new template. Code are aleady commented easy to copy / delete / replace.


Please note. Repeat module are not working in template edit mode at custom code menu. please edit your template while create a campaign instate.

How to import template to MyMail (Wordpress plug-in)

Select your prefer color from MyMail folder.

Make a zip file included 1 index.html, 1 notification.html, 1 img folder.

The zip file structure must be like this
.zip > folder > 1 index.html, 1 notification.html, and 1 img folder

not this
.zip > 1 index.html, 1 notification.html, and 1 img folder
At the Wordpress dashboard, select Newsletter menu > Templates.


Select Upload tab browse to the zip file and upload
After uploaded make sure you set “Use as default” at the template too
* please note envato are not allow to manage file package via zip with in a zip file. that why I can't make a zip file ready to upload for you. sorry for inconvenience.

I've used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


v 1.3
- Fix: Make "Spacing Divider" module select able in MailChimp.
- Add a File to Support new platform StampReady

v 1.2
- Add more repeatable modules :1/2 feature(left, right), 1/2 list (left, right), CTA bar with bg, 1/1 feature content.

v 1.1
- Fix Yahoo padding alignment.
- Replacing quote img with font for easily color customization.
- Fix "Space divder" module, now actually make a spacing before/after modules as you like.
- Add 7 more modules, 3/3 panel, 1/1 content bar, CTA bar with 2 buttons, 1/3 panel(left, and right), 2/3 panel(left, and right).
- and all color dash line are now using table html markup instate of border. (prepare for next update).

v 1.0
- Initial Release

Q : In MailChimp when I edit text or image the below module are disappear, why?

A : Make sure you edit your template in the sending step not in My template menu. You may notice that repeatable are not working too. what course the problem was mc:repeatable tag. if remove this tag we can edit template normally. However, keeping repeatable function are better. so I suggest to edit in Design step after create a new Campaign instate. These will make you able to edit and repeatable module normally.

Mailchimp confirm there is no fix for this problem because the template editor and Campaign Builder’s are design for difference purpose. It better to keep repeatable ability functional and edit in design step instate.

Q : Why header background image are not show up in Outlook client?

A : Sorry, Outlook is not support background image in all version. (according to this css guide for html email )

Q : After I create a new campaign in MailChimp it only appear header and footer. where's other modules?

A : Please try, hover at the header module or any module that already showing now , The reapeatable function will appear. You can click at + sign to add more modules and switch to other at select dropdown menu.

drag and drop function might a little buggie please try refresh the browser it will work again,