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Wythe Template Builder is a Javascript + PHP application which allows customers with a quick and easy way to customize Wythe HTML Template. Wythe Template Builder allows for basic content editing, allowing users to changes link text, images, headers and other written content, build pages.

To be able to use HTML Builder, you must have the following:

Installing Wythe Template Builder is simply a matter uploading the contents of the 'build' folder to a server/hosting account. Once uploaded, point your browser to said server/hosting and your builder will work.

Whenever the user is happy with the final result, the created markup can be exported by clicking the export button. The export feature will grab all the used HTML blocks for each created page and inserts these blocks into a copy of the HTML skeleton file. Once all pages are completed, all the HTML files are bundled into a ZIP archive together with the other external resources like stylesheets, Javascript files and images.

You can view this template in any web browser from your desktop computer. Because the files are written in HTML, you do not need an internet connection in order to display or edit the template.

  1. It's important to understand that you must either have your own server space or use someone elses. The server space can be purchased at many different places around the internet. You need somewhere to put the files that you purchased so others can find them online.
  2. The template folder you choose will have several files with the extension labeled .html. This is where all your content will. In addition to .html you should see a file labeled .css. .css files are going to be the files that will tell the .html how to to be styled. CSS is simply a way to take text, images, and other elements and change the look of them. It's very important to keep the .css file with the HTML or the HTML will not look how the design is meant to look. Along with the HTML and CSS files, you will also have three additional folders to upload; css, images, and js.
  3. Start your FTP client (I persoanlly use Filezila which is free) and login. Login to your server. You will need your server name (often times this will be your domain name), username, and password that you setup with the hosting company.
  4. Locate the domain folder you wish to upload your template files to on your server. You are going to want to click and drag every file that you have labeled .html, .css, .php, .js into your FTP client.

The general template structure is the same throughout the template. Here is the general structure.


List CSS files

  1. basic.css - used for Basic Template Style
  2. font-awesome.min.css - used for set of icons
  3. grid.css - used for Responsive Grid System
  4. jquery.fullPage.css - used for fullpage view
  5. lightcase.css - used for Lightbox
  6. owl.carousel.css - used for carousels (Testimonials carousel layout)
  7. responsive.css - Manages Responsiveness
  8. style.css - The main stylesheet you are encouraged to modify.

This theme imports several Javascript files.

List JS files

  1. functions.js - custom jQuery functions
  2. jquery.fullPage.min.js - used for fullpage view
  3. lightcase.js - used for Lightbox
  4. masonry.pkdg.min.js - use for masonry view (portfolio section)
  5. owl.carousel.min.js - used for carousels (Testimonials carousel layout)

We've included psds files with this theme. Every PSD file has structure with named layers and you can easily find and change block to edit and save it to your needs.

The last chapter discloses the sources of various files used within the theme and describes their function. Use this section to gain an understanding on how the theme functions behind the scenes if considering any type of modification.

PSD files

You can find the PSD-file in the psd folder.

CSS Files

This theme includes only a CSS files, which is contains all the styles for the theme:

JavaScript Files

HTML files

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing our theme. We are sure you will be satisfied with your purchase. As it was mentioned at the beginning, we will take care about all the issues connected with this item. If you have a question about the theme, please feel free to email us at artstudioworks@gmail.com, visit our dedicated support forum, and check its faq's section where we have a lot of useful and important information.